Burro Studio is a design studio founded
by Giovanni Manzini and Federica Caserio.

A creative platform providing design services
applied to branding, interaction, media and spaces.

Art direction

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We have a 360° approach to our projects, providing services for brand identity, shootings, products, websites and social contents. We create effective storytellings supported and enhanced by visual taste to make every brand unique.


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From logo design to web design, from campaign shootings to social content, digital strategy and merchandising we provide a 360° branding service.


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We provide shootings, graphics, illustration, video and 3D animations to create unique and catching contents in order to enhance the identity of the brand and the engagement of the audience.


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From the concept to the social contents, from the communication strategy to the PR we manage the event along with suppliers, sponsors, djs and artists. This approach allows us to cure every single detail of it and to create unique and memorable experiences.


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From the creation of contents for digital platforms and socials to the storytelling, from the planning to the posting we provide a 360° service for digital and social strategy to enhance brand awareness, create original stories and engage the community.


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We strongly believe in music culture, thus we promote an opening to new scenes and the exploration of different influences. BS Radio is the music soul of Burro Studio. It's a Spotify channel releasing playlists selected for us by djs and various artists of the music culture. It's a YouTube channel streaming live dj sets and other music formats. It's parties we organize all around the world supporting local djs and promoting a different approach to traditional clubbing.

We believe in experience

We strive to align inspiration, creativity
and business goals to create unique and memorable experiences.

We believe in connections

Sharing ideas is the key of our work,
a collaborative process to do and get the best.

We believe in the unbelievable

Our creative approach is based on a constant research
of the New in order to reshape communication as we know it.

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